Melinda Giampietro, president of Options Solutions, is a vibrant and widely respected educational consultant in the fields of academic planning, career counseling, university admissions, and sports recruitment. Melinda believes options are empowering, and she helps students–and their parents–work together to find majors, post-secondary institutions and careers, that match each student’s unique academic aspirations. With her expertise, network, enthusiasm, and genuine love for education, Melinda has built Options Solutions to be the industry standard in educational consultancies in Canada.

Melinda holds multiple degrees in education, and she is a graduate of both the Counseling for College Institute and the Harvard Institute on College Admissions. Before she started Options Solutions, she worked as an Advanced Placement (AP) teacher, an assistant principal, an acting principal, head of a counseling department, and an academic planner focusing on university admissions. Melinda has also written articles for and served as an expert on post-secondary issues for the Globe and MailCBC Radio, and Canadian Student Magazine.

To provide the best possible service to her clients, Melinda attends regional and national conferences, and to stay current, she continually travels throughout Canada and the United States visiting universities and meeting with admissions personnel. She is also a member of numerous educational and college counselor associations leading to a broad and diverse professional network.

Melinda takes great pride in being a lifelong educator with over twenty-five years of experience. She is an advocate for adolescence as a developmental period. Melinda is an active entrepreneur mentor and works closely with the WE organization to raise awareness of women empowerment issues.

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